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Unit 4a | Birchwood One Business Park | Dewhurst Road| Birchwood |Warrington | WA3 7GB

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The Salboy team come from a development finance background, lending only to the best and most reliable developers in the country, this gives Salboy a unique position to evaluate their own developments to the same exacting standards they expect from the developers they provide equity to.

With Manchester being touted as the UK’s best place to live, the fastest growing house prices, largest student population in Europe to name but a few it’s clear to see why they have invested heavily in rapidly transforming the face of the city they call home. Being Salboy’s home town, they believe in the buzz of the city, and have the privilege of witnessing its growth first hand, whilst still being proud of the city’s rich heritage. Salboy’s ultimate goal is to develop Manchester into the globally recognised city everyone knows it has the potential to be.