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    Factory Estates is a development company with a new, modern and forward thinking approach to development. High quality apartments or commercial spaces are delivered efficiently and with the minimum of fuss.

    From its inception in 2012, Factory Estates has grown initially from small scale domestic projects to where they will be delivering over 575 dwellings in Manchester alone by 2019 with a cumulative value in excess of £120m.

    The game changed in 2015 when the company teamed up with Salboy Ltd with the sole aim of becoming one of Manchester’s pre-eminent residential developers. The company combines Mancunian grit and determination with playful culture and unrestricted ambition.

    The apartment schemes also include commercial spaces on the ground floors where Factory Estates have attracted both independent operators and multi-national corporations to take units.

    This incredible growth in only 5 years is testament to the high-quality products Factory Estates have to offer in the marketplace, both for owner occupiers who will live in state of the art, sleek modern designed apartments and for investors who are currently seeing yields in excess of those seen anywhere else in the UK.

    This success also has to do with the fact that Factory only specifically choose the best, most prime locations for their developments.

    Factory Estates have an impeccable track record for delivery of their products on time and on budget as well as good aftersales procedures. All of their projects to date have been well received and celebrated in the sector.

    Factory Estates have very good contacts in the marketplace with landowners, agents, and financial institutions. They also have in house architects and project managers, the award winning IDP Group, but they also work with external architects and designers for certain specific projects.